There are an overwhelming amount of products to choose from when it comes to making your teeth that little bit whiter – not to mention the potential for dental treatments which can brighten your smile – but sometimes it’s simple home remedies which can make a whole world of difference.

Below, Dr Joe Oliver who has worked with a wide range of celebrity clients, shares some great ways to achieve a brighter smile using natural home remedies!

1. Brush your teeth with baking soda. This is an ingredient present in most toothpastes, as it has natural whitening properties. By mixing a small amount of baking soda with 2 teaspoons of water, this will help eliminate bacteria and target stains. Do this a few times a week, and you should see a gradual difference.

2. Eat fruit and vegetables. This is imperative for a healthy diet anyway, but certain hard and crunchy fruit and vegetables can help buff away plaque on your teeth as you chew. Additionally, fruits such as strawberries and pineapple specifically can contribute to whiter teeth due to the enzyme properties in them.

3. Prevent stains before they happen. Instead of investing time on targeting stains, try and limit the stains in the first place. Use a straw for any staining beverages such as coffee and red wine, and also try to brush your teeth as soon as you can after coming into contact with foods and drink which stain. Also try to avoid anything which can be damaging to your teeth, such as sugary drinks. Regular visits to the hygienist also play a good role in limiting the levels of stains.

4. Try apple cider vinegar. This product has traditionally been used as a natural cleaning product. The active acidic ingredient in apple vinegar is great at targeting bacteria, which is good news for your oral hygiene and stains on your teeth. Apple cider vinegar is best used as a mouthwash to swill around your mouth and spit out. However, it’s not advised to be used every single day, due to the acidic properties. It needs to be used sparingly and after being diluted with water.

5. Try oil pulling. This is a traditional remedy intended to remove toxins from the body and improve overall oral hygiene. Coconut oil is the most popular product to use, due to its more pleasant taste, and the amount of general health benefits it has anyway. Oil pulling involves swilling the oil around in your mouth like a mouthwash to target bacteria which can cause plaque, and trying to navigate the oil back and forth through your teeth before spitting out.

However, if you have serious stains, you may need more than just a few tips & tricks to try at home. Learn more about teeth whitening or explore the variety of cosmetic treatments Dr Joe Oliver offers.

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