Try as you might with a thorough oral hygiene routine, sometimes stains just won’t shift. Once embedded, they are hard to get rid of (often requiring professional whitening services), which is why preventing them is so important.

Avoiding bad habits and implementing small, effective changes can make a big difference! 

Here, Dr Joe Oliver, who has treated a wide range of high-end clientele, shares 5 ways to prevent teeth staining which actually work.

1: Use a straw – where possible, use a straw with any staining beverages, such as red wine. This allows the liquid to bypass the teeth and therefore prevent staining.

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2: Rinse out with water – after drinking coffee, try rinsing your mouth out with water. This will prevent the build up of liquid on your teeth and therefore limit the chances of staining.

3: Limit anything which stains – it might sound really obvious, but a beneficial decision for your teeth can be to limit your intake of staining drinks and food in the first place, and be more aware of what you need to avoid in order to limit staining. Some of your favourite foods can be the worst for the teeth!

red wine merlot.jpg

4: Chew celery – this will stimulate more saliva, which will fight the bacteria build up in your mouth. Chewing celery and crunchy vegetables will help to clean teeth and rub your gums.

5: Visit your hygienist – regular visits to your dentist and hygienist should be a given anyway, but the more you keep on top of it, the more your professional will be able to monitor staining and offer preventative methods.

Sticking to these simple yet effective techniques will minimise the amount of deep stains – meaning your teeth should stay whiter for longer. If you’re interested in how to whiten your smile, check out some of our other tips.

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