If you’re looking to perfect your smile without having to spend a fortune, composite bonding by Dr Joe Oliver in London could be the best solution for you.

best composite bonding London

Composite bonding, otherwise known as composite veneers, is a cost-effective way of making sure your dental imperfections are corrected.

It involves applying a high-quality composite resin to the front surface of your teeth, which enhances the beauty of your natural teeth.

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With an impressive 5-star rating, Dr Joe Oliver has been transforming the smiles of his patients for over 30 years. He has successfully fitted more than 40,000 veneers and has treated patients including Helena Bonham Carter, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Greg Rusedski.

Enhance your smile with cosmetic dental bonding

Composite bonding is a highly effective yet gentle treatment that does not cause any damage to your natural teeth. It’s non-permanent and can be reversed, making it the perfect option for those wanting minor corrections and whiter smiles without any pain.

Not only can composite tooth bonding provide you with a gleaming white smile, but the composite resin is also a versatile material that can be used to fix chipped or cracked teeth and mild misalignment.

Get a beautifully bright smile instantly

One of the main benefits of composite bonding is that it can be used to improve your existing teeth in just one appointment. Unlike porcelain veneers, there is no need for several appointments and there isn’t usually any preparation required.

If you’re seeking a natural finish, choose a tooth-coloured resin that’s similar to your natural tooth enamel. For results that resemble those achievable from porcelain veneers, you might choose composite veneers that are several shades lighter than your natural teeth.

The composite resin material is similar to that used for fillings and it can be placed between or on the surface of teeth to address cosmetic issues such as gaps or cracks.

What happens during composite bonding treatment?

During your fitting appointment, a thin layer of composite resin will be applied to the tooth surface before it is moulded into the desired shape. Dental bonding is a temporary aesthetic treatment that can give you better, brighter results that can last for years.

Composite resin is a very viable option for those considering porcelain veneers, but who are put off by the costs associated with traditional veneers.

Composite bonding costs much less and can be fixed or removed with relative ease. The fitting process is painless and doesn’t cause any long-term damage to the natural tooth.

Benefits of Composite Bonding

  • Get an instantly brighter and whiter smile
  • Close any gaps
  • Fix chipped or cracked teeth and mild misalignment
  • Improve the appearance of long or short teeth
  • More affordable than porcelain veneers
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to repair or replace

How long will composite bonding last after the procedure?

The composite bonding material is rather hard-wearing and should last several years with proper care. Patients can expect the results of their composite bonding procedure to last between 4 and 8 years.

How much does dental bonding cost in London?

You can view the price list and financing options for our quality composite veneers in London.

The cost of composite bonding treatment will depend on your individual circumstances. Book a free consultation to get an accurate quote. You can fill out our contact form, or call the clinic directly on 020 4579 1355.

What is the aftercare for composite bonding?

Following the composite bonding procedure you should take care of your composite veneers with regular brushing using a nonabrasive toothpaste.

The composite material will be securely attached to the tooth surface so you shouldn’t have to worry about your composite veneers becoming loose.

Why choose Dr Joe Oliver for composite bonding in London?

Doctor Joe Oliver provides the best composite bonding in London and has an unrivalled reputation in cosmetic dentistry, backed up by his 5-star patient reviews.

He has been helping patients in London achieve their dream smiles for over 30 years. His dedication and immense experience in the field make him one of the most highly respected dental professionals in the city.

You can view his contributions to a large number of media publications including Vogue, Tatler and OK! magazine, and watch his appearances on Channel 4’s Ten Years Younger.

Am I a suitable candidate for composite teeth bonding in London?

The beauty of composite bonding is that most people will be suitable for treatment. The procedure has very low risk and should not compromise the health of your existing teeth.

However before any procedure can be carried out, you should attend a no-obligation consultation to discuss your treatment options.

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