With the holiday season rolling in, we will start getting more invites to celebrations and trips to the pub. While a nice glass of wine or pint of beer might be a great way to quench your thirst, is it the best thing for your teeth? 

Dr Joe Oliver is one of London’s leading dentists, renowned for his unparalleled multi-disciplinary service that ensures high-quality, end-to-end patient care. Today, he’s sharing (some of) the worst alcoholic drinks for your teeth teeth. 

  • Prosecco – coming in at number one is everybody’s favourite! However, with the acidic carbonated bubbles, alcohol and sugar, prosecco is a triple whammy of badness for your teeth. There’s one heaped teaspoon of sugar present in every flute, causing major drama for your tooth enamel – avoid the bubbles and you won’t suffer from the ‘prosecco smile’!  
  • Cider – if you want perfect teeth then avoid drinking cider: this favourite beverage also has a very high acidity which is not very good for your oral health.
  • Liquors – spirits like Malibu are delicious because they are incredibly high in enamel destroying sugars. Swap them for drinks like vodka or gin as they also help fight bacteria in your mouth!
  • Dry drinks – dry beverages like some wines or beer dry your mouth out and reduce saliva. Saliva is important because it helps remove any bacteria in your mouth, thus reducing your chances of smelly breath.
  • Mixers – it isn’t always just the alcohol itself that is bad for your teeth, but the mixers that go with them. Classic mixers like Coke, lemonade, orange juice and cranberry juice have a high acidity and a high sugar level that wears down enamel. Swap them for soda water or tonic!

If you’ve been indulging in some of these drinks a little too much, get in touch with us today!

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Dr Joe Oliver, Cosmetic Dentist

Dr Oliver has worked for over 25 years specialising in cosmetic dentistry and has fitted in excess of 30,000 veneers. He started in an established cosmetic dental group where he became Clinical Director, teaching other dentists the latest techniques and the art of cosmetic dentistry. Dr Oliver is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and is the founder of the UK study body, Cosmetic Dental Seminars. These internationally recognised bodies are dedicated to the advancement of cosmetic dentistry and encourage high standards to be obtained ethically and responsibly by its members. Dr Oliver is also the co founder and Director of Education of Cosmetic Dental Seminars, the UK study body dedicated to providing state of the art courses, lectures and workshops in cosmetic dentistry. Dr Oliver's treatments have been widely featured on television, including on GM-TV, This Morning and Channel 4's Ten Years Younger. Numerous articles have also been written in the national press praising Dr Oliver's work including The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, The London Evening Standard, as well as articles in the glossy magazines Marie Claire, Vogue, Brides, FHM, Men's Health, Closer, OK to name just a few.