Composite Bonding London

Do your teeth have chips, gaps, or are discoloured and making you feel self-conscious?

Composite bonding at our London and Manchester clinics has become a popular cosmetic dentistry treatment to reshape individual teeth, close gaps, and improve colour and overall appearance of your teeth.

It is a simple process, sometimes called composite veneers,  that can be done in one visit and requires no shaving of the tooth.

Composite bonding creates an amazing natural smile that is cost-effective and quick.

Whatever your cosmetic dental needs, Dr Joe Oliver and his expert dental team are here to help.

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What is composite bonding?

Composite bonding is a resin of your chosen shade that is fixed onto or between existing teeth to improve their shape, colour and overall appearance. This resin is similar to that used in colourless fillings.

The resin is placed and polished in a very simple procedure producing amazing results.

What is composite bonding suitable for?

Composite bonding can solve many minor smile problems such as:

  • Gappy smiles
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Long or short teeth
  • Uneven teeth
  • teeth aesthetics – discoloured or stained teeth

Composite bonding procedure is easy and pain-free

Composite bonding is a simple, effective treatment that requires no preparation of your teeth. This means your teeth remain untouched hence the process is reversible. The procedure is pain-free.

What is the procedure for composite bonding?

Dr Oliver will take high-quality photographs of your teeth at your first dentists appointment and create a plan of exactly what will take place to produce the results you are looking to achieve.

Shade selection

Our expert dentist Dr Oliver will discuss with you the shade of composite resin that will create your beautiful, natural looking new smile.

Bonding treatment agent is applied

A bonding treatment is applied to the surface of your teeth to prepare your smile for the composite application. This is a thin layer of liquid substance that is brushed gently onto the teeth enamel with a small applicator. This aids the dental composite bonding in binding to the tooth. During this process, no natural tooth tissue is removed.

The composite is placed

Once the application material has been applied, the composite bonding teeth resin is added. It is a putty-like material that our expert dentist will apply carefully onto your teeth and is moulded to the ideal shape and size.

The composite bonding process is almost complete

The bonding agent and composite resin is set in place using a specialised blue light.

Once set, your cosmetic dentist will polish and re-shape the tooth, so that you are left with your ideal smile.

Why choose composite bonding?

Composite bonding has become a very popular choice in cosmetic dental treatment at our London and Manchester dentists, here’s why:

Composite bonding is another option to porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers.

Composite Bonding: before and after photos

composite bonding 01 before
Before composite bonding 
composite bonding 01 after
After composite bonding 
composite bonding 02 before
Before composite bonding 
composite bonding 02 after
After composite bonding 
composite bonding 03 before
composite bonding 03 after
composite bonding 04 before
composite bonding 04 after
composite bonding 05 before
composite bonding 05 after
composite bonding 06 before
composite bonding 06 after
composite bonding 07 before
composite bonding 07 after
composite bonding 08 before
composite bonding 08 after
composite bonding 09 before
composite bonding 09 after
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