Finding a good cosmetic dentist is one of the most important challenges you’ll face for your dental health. With so many professionals occupying the cosmetic dentistry space, how do you go about choosing a cosmetic dentist who’s right for you?

Even straightforward procedures like teeth whitening can have serious implications if treatment isn’t carried out at a professional and safe standard. But finding a cosmetic dentist is about more than just safety, which should always be given. It’s about finding not only someone with the clinical skills and knowledge, but also someone who understands your goals, and can make them a reality. It is a relationship built on trust.

The teeth and gums play an enormous part in your appearance. They can often be the first thing a person really notices about you, because when you smile it leaves a lasting impact. With advancements in cosmetic dental procedures, everything from gummy smiles and gappy teeth, to complete smile makeovers are possible.

We’ll lay out just what to look out for when you’re on the search for an approved cosmetic dentist. And we’ll draw on the knowledge of over 30 years’ experience in the orthodontic field. Dr Joe Oliver is one of London’s most respected and experienced cosmetic dentists, and has excellent insight and knowledge of the cosmetic dentistry field when it comes to choosing a top cosmetic dentist.

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Outstanding and long-lasting results

One of the first things you’ll want to know about any prospective cosmetic dentist, is the standard of their cosmetic dentistry procedures. You can quickly search for independent online reviews on any cosmetic dentist you are considering working with. The red flags to look out for are of course low-rated reviews, but also no reviews.

If you manage to find reviews left by former patients, have a read and see if they sound legitimate. If you’re on the hunt for the best cosmetic dentist, you should be aiming to find a cosmetic dentist with no less than five stars. If you wouldn’t compromise on your smile, don’t compromise on finding the best cosmetic dentist for treatment.

Dr Joe Oliver holds no less than 5 star reviews across a number of independent review sites. Cosmetic dentistry is his passion, and this shines through in the work he puts into helping patients achieve their dream smile.

Best cosmetic dentists near you

Things to look out for when identifying the best cosmetic dentist for you, are an authentic dedication to the profession as well as dedication to patients and the art of cosmetic dentistry. You may wish to find a specialist in one particular area. Such as dental implants, teeth straightening, laser gum contouring or cosmetic bonding.

Or for a complete smile makeover, you may require more extensive cosmetic dental work. So finding an expert capable of the highest standards across multiple cosmetic treatments can narrow down your search.

Do your research into the dental practice you are considering. You should be able to view before and after photos from previous patients who have undergone treatment. Dental professionals should never be nervous about showing you the results of their cosmetic dentistry work and an extensive portfolio of before and after photos is an indication of their experience in the field and the number of cases they have completed.

Anyone practising cosmetic dentistry should also be qualified, needless to say. You can search for approved cosmetic dentists near you on the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists website. If you find your prospective cosmetic dentist on the British academy, this verifies they have been recognised for their skill and accredited by an official body.

Dr Joe Oliver is a member of nine professional organisations, including the American academy of cosmetic dentistry as well as the British Dental Association, and Care Quality Commission.

The latest in dental technology

As well as reviews, referrals and accreditation, a good dentist should be using the latest in dental technology to ensure that treatment options are minimally invasive. It’s important to protect the natural tooth as much as possible in any cosmetic dentistry procedure.

The materials used should also be of the highest quality, to protect your dental and oral health.

Check-ups and aftercare

The best cosmetic dentistry is about more than just your cosmetic dental work. Look out for a dental professional who offers first class aftercare and regular check-ups. The condition of your oral health, teeth and gums are important for maintaining a beautiful smile that lasts for many years.

The right cosmetic dentist may even offer a guarantee covering many years. This shows they have confidence in their work, and helps to build trust between dentist and patient.

Next Steps

Read more about why patients choose Dr Joe Oliver. It will give you further insight into what to look out for when considering your options in cosmetic dentistry.

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