Your smile can make a world of difference to your appearance. Often a smile is the first thing a person really notices. So if you’re considering a smile makeover in London and wondering how much it costs, keep reading.

Dr Joe Oliver is the city’s most respected and experienced celebrity cosmetic dentist. Known for his popular treatment – the smile makeover London, Dr Oliver can get your smile in top shape, so you can regain confidence and start feeling great.

From tooth whitening and straightening, to more complex cases using porcelain veneers and temporary braces, a tailored approach is the best way to ensure your smile works for you. And there’s very little that Dr  Oliver is unable to fix. So if you have a gummy or gappy smile, staining or damaged teeth or simply just crooked teeth, a transformation is more than likely possible.

smile makeover London

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You can see for yourself the differences that a smile transformation can have, by viewing our before and after gallery.

Why choose a smile makeover with Dr Joe Oliver

We have helped improve not only the smiles, but also the lives of patients for many years at our clinic in London. When he is not being a dentist to the stars, Dr Oliver loves to help improve the confidence of his patients across the capital. 

For those who have hang-ups about how their smile looks, a smile makeover is worth the investment if it means improved confidence and self-esteem. And with over 30 years’ experience under his belt, Dr Oliver has the skills, talents and techniques to bring out the best for your natural teeth. 

Smiling is incredibly important in communication, and more often than not is unavoidable. So if you feel the need to cover up your teeth, consider booking a consultation for a smile makeover where we can show you some straightforward solutions.

What treatments are available to improve a smile?

Dr Oliver takes great satisfaction in being able to help all of his patients. So depending on your circumstances and your budget, we can craft a plan together to suit your needs. We have a wide range of fantastic cosmetic treatments at our practice in London.

We use the latest technology to carry out a full assessment of your teeth and smile, before we can get to work on recommendations. Most patients are able to achieve the smile of their dreams.

Porcelain veneers are one of our specialities and a highly effective way to transform the look of your smile. But cosmetic dental treatment to transform your smile can take many forms. Even teeth whitening can have a dramatic impact on your smile.

If you have crooked, cracked or gappy teeth, a more substantial makeover may be required. As well as porcelain veneers, Dr Oliver is experienced in providing makeovers using composite bonding or a discrete orthodontic treatment. 

What happens during a smile makeover?

The first step on your smile makeover involves an assessment. We will take photographs and x-rays of your teeth which will enable us to show you what is possible with treatment. Often we can demonstrate with computers or models to show you various treatment options. This will give you a better idea of how your smile will look should you wish to go ahead with treatment. 

Treatment plans are tailored to you and can be customised depending on the look you are hoping to achieve. We will never put pressure on you to go ahead with any procedure you are unsure about. 

Indeed you should take the information away and digest it before deciding whether or not a smile makeover is something you wish to proceed with. However in many cases, when a patient is absolutely sure about getting their dream smile underway, it’s possible to start some treatments right away.

How much will it cost to transform your smile?

Due to the nature of everybody’s teeth being different, the cost for your smile makeover will depend on the extent of the treatment required. Some procedures such as porcelain veneers, are more costly than composite bonding and teeth whitening for example, due to the materials and service involved.

If your treatment is more comprehensive, the cost is likely to be higher. After your initial consultation, we will be able to provide exact costs for your smile makeover. This plan can be tailored, if there are aspects you would like to discount or include. 

For a better idea on prices for certain procedures, you can view all of our fees and details on financing here.

About Dr Joe Oliver

Doctor Joe Oliver is renowned for offering the best in dental and orthodontic treatments from a highly professional dental clinic in London. With over 30 years’ experience and a clientele including celebrities like Helena Bonham Carter and Tamsin Outhwaite, he is unrivalled in his dental services.

Our mission is to help you smile confidently without discomfort. We’re focussed on providing the highest level of cosmetic improvement for your teeth and smile.

Next steps

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