Regain confidence in your smile with effective treatment for overcrowded teeth. Dr Joe Oliver is an industry leading cosmetic dentist with expertise in fixing crowded teeth using cosmetic procedures. You could benefit from a pristine smile without teeth that are misaligned or overlapping.

How to fix overcrowded teeth

Crowded teeth usually occur when there isn’t enough room in the mouth. Whether it’s minor or severe crowding, teeth can become misaligned and begin to overlap. In cases of severe teeth crowding, patients may experience a loss of confidence and in some cases pain and discomfort and gum problems.

However with expert dental treatment, it’s possible to fix crowded teeth and leave you feeling less self-conscious about your smile. Most importantly though, is finding crowded teeth treatment that leaves you with healthy teeth and excellent oral hygiene.

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Dr Joe Oliver offers private treatment for teeth overcrowding in London and Manchester. He is one of London’s most respected and experienced cosmetic dentists, having helped many patients with crowded teeth over his 30 years’ experience in the cosmetic dentistry field.

Dr Oliver has helped the likes of Helena Bonham Carter and Sophie Ellis Bextor to transform their smiles. He has also featured on ITV and Channel 4, as well as in The Sunday Times and Vogue.

Dr Joe Oliver’s clinic offers orthodontic treatment to help with all manner of oral concerns. From tooth decay to oral hygiene and gum disease, you could get back on track to a brighter and whiter smile. Contact us today and get started towards fixing crowded teeth.

What causes crowded teeth?

Teeth crowding occurs when there isn’t enough jaw space in your mouth. When this happens, the teeth overlap, which can leave them misaligned or crooked. Patients with crowded teeth can often feel self-conscious or unconfident with their appearance.

Some believe that as the wisdom teeth emerge, pressure is put on the rest of the teeth. You might think this to be the cause of dental crowding, but in fact, as we age our jaws can change shape. This can impact the amount of space we have in the mouth. As a result, teeth that were once straight, may begin to overlap and become misaligned.

Your smile plays such an important part in your appearance, so it’s no surprise that many patients with teeth crowding will seek treatment to correct this condition.

Can overcrowded teeth be corrected?

Yes. With dental crowding treatment, overcrowded teeth can certainly be corrected. You can benefit from straight teeth and a dream smile that you’re proud of. Whether you have mild or moderate crowding, and even in severe cases, there is a permanent solution that could work for you.

Dr Joe Oliver can help to correct all manner of crowded teeth problems. Whether you have crooked teeth in the upper or lower jaw, or only crowded bottom teeth, there are treatment options available.

How do you fix crowded teeth?

We’ll help you to explore all available options to fix crowded teeth. Dr Joe Oliver is an expert in dental crowding, and has treated many patients with overcrowded teeth over the years.

Some of the main ways to treat crowded teeth include:

  • Using braces to reposition the teeth – this may be through metal braces or invisible braces like invisalign aligners. Braces work by straightening the teeth in cases where there is minor crowding.

  • Crowns – this is a restorative treatment for teeth that may be cracked, decayed or discoloured. Crowns can help teeth appear straighter and more aligned.

  • Teeth bonding – similar to veneers, composite bonding can improve the look of the teeth by attaching a composite resin to the front of the tooth.

  • Cosmetic contouring – this treatment can alter the shape and size of the tooth by removing some of the enamel.

  • Extraction – if you have extra teeth that are causing oral health complications, it may be necessary to extract teeth. This is done with great care and precision in moderate or severe cases to ensure overlapping teeth have enough room in the mouth.

Each case of teeth crowding is dealt with on an individual basis, and so we’d invite you to an initial consultation where Dr Oliver can assess your circumstances and the severity of the dental crowding.

Is orthodontic treatment necessary for crowded teeth?

We understand that overlapping teeth can be a cause for concern for many patients. While there is often no need to worry, correcting misaligned teeth can have benefits to your overall well-being, if not at least your oral health.

Some patients may suffer from poor oral hygiene as a result of teeth crowding. By correcting crowded teeth appropriatel, we can help to improve this situation, as well as the aesthetic appearance of your teeth.

Next steps

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