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The latest advances in adhesion and material technology have changed dentistry forever.

For many years, crowns were the only answer for rebuilding teeth that have been substantially damaged due to decay, fracture, or root canal treatment. 

Recent advances in bonding technology and the development of new nano-restorative materials have provided us with new avenues for treating teeth with highly aesthetic, extremely durable bonded restorations that not only strengthen teeth to rival natural, unrestored teeth but preserve natural tooth structure to ensure their biological and physical integrity. 

What is biomimetic dentistry?

This revolutionary restorative treatment takes its name from a concept that literally means to mimic or copy nature: biomimetics. 

The use of extremely durable and strong ceramics and nano-composite materials, used in conjunction with highly developed dental adhesives and precision CEREC CAD-CAM manufacturing techniques, have opened the door to some innovative treatments that had, until very recently, not been possible. 

The configuration of these materials and techniques allows them to imbue the tooth with unprecedented strength and bond strength. 

The ability to mill these materials into ultra-fine sections means that little viable tooth structure is ever removed, and this bodes well for the health, appearance, and longevity of both the tooth and restoration, bringing vitality to your smile.

A traditional crown requires the removal of up to 75% of tooth structure and is by nature highly destructive. 

By needing to encase the entire tooth, it often means that large sections of healthy, undamaged tooth are destroyed in order to accommodate these restorations. 

By contrast, biomimetic veneers can involve as little as 3% tooth reduction, and this inevitably means that the tooth is healthier, stronger, and lasts longer.

In our practice, we have virtually eliminated traditional fillings and crowns from our services, reserving their use almost exclusively to the replacement of existing, failed crowns. 

While conventional dentistry has served us well in the past, biomimetic dentistry now offers an extremely attractive alternative for the discerning patient. 

We prioritize maintaining gum health and overall cleanliness throughout the entire process, ensuring impressive results at every dentist appointment.

Whenever a tooth is treated with a non-adhesive filling, such as amalgam, its strength is reduced substantially and it is extremely vulnerable to cracking or fracturing.

 Biomimetic dentistry exploits the physical properties of these new materials and bonding agents to reinforce and strengthen the tooth with minimal tooth preparation, ensuring proper care for every aspect of your mouth’s health.

What are the benefits of biomimetic dentistry?

  • Minimal tooth preparation or reduction
  • Highly aesthetic, highly durable restorations
  • Fewer complications like tooth fracture, root canal therapy and tooth loss
  • State of the art techniques
  • Ongoing costs for repairs and replacements are minimised or eliminated.
  • Future-proofing. Preservation of vital tooth structure ensures that even when the restoration needs replacement, the underlying tooth remains essentially intact and re-restorable

What’s involved?

Depending on the size of the cavity or defect, the appropriate restoration (bonded composite resin, precision-milled nanocomposite overlay, or porcelain veneer) is chosen and the tooth is minimally and precisely prepared under high magnification, following biomimetic principles.

In a single-step or, in the case of biomimetic porcelain veneers, a 2-stage procedure, the cavity is prepared with high strength adhesives and the restoration is bonded into place. The tooth is transformed and strengthened to its original state; healthy, beautiful, and resistant to further degradation, ensuring the best overall oral care and hygiene for a more confident smile.

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