Smile Design Rules

Horizontal alignment

The teeth should be aligned to the horizontal or the eye line. Teeth quite often tilt, which does not enhance the appearance of the smile

smile design in london Horizontal alignment


Ideally this should be across the facial midline. That is, the tooth on side should be same as it’s opposite number on the other side. This is of great importance in producing a pleasing smile. It cannot always be achieved but every effort should be made to create the appearance of a symmetrical smile

smile design in london Symmetry

Smile Line

The smile line, which joins the edges of the teeth, should follow the curve of the bottom lip. This gives a more youthful appearance. A flat line is associated with more worn and aged teeth. Women have more curved smiles than men – fact!

Smile line

Gum Line

This follows the line of the top lip. An uneven gum line is not as aesthetically pleasing.

Gum line

Curved tooth edges

Without curved egdes the teeth would look very square. The edges become more curved the further back the teeth are in the mouth.

Curved tooth edges

Crescent Shaped Gums

These give a more aesthetic appearance than flat gums.

Crescent Shaped Gums

Correct tooth proportions

The golden rules of proportion describe an ideal ratio of the visible widths of the front teeth. 1.6/1.0/0.6

Correct tooth proportions

Tooth Proportion

Each individual tooth should be of certain proportions. For example the front tooth’s ideal height to width ratio is 1 : 0.75

Tooth proportion

Smile Width

The teeth should follow a curve backwards so that no dark spaces are left empty in the corners of the mouth. If this is the case it may appear that these teeth are missing and the teeth in front are standing alone.

Smile width

Smile Design and Smile Makeover with Dr Joe Oliver

The process of smile design is an intricate and detailed procedure that takes into account intimate knowledge of dental and facial anatomy, artistic and technical acuity, and most importantly, the individual needs and desires of the patient.

Smile Design and Smile Makeover Process

The most important stage in the smile design or smile makeover process is the digital simulation, a visualisation aid that gives prospective clients a realistic preview of the final treatment and smile design result. Dr Joe Oliver is one of the few cosmetic dentists in the UK that provide this stage at the initial consultation.

Smile Design Process

Dr Oliver goes to extraordinary lengths, in the clinic to personally design smiles with meticulous precision and natural harmony, and this involves a number of highly detailed processes.

  1. Detailed examination and history to determine your individual smile makeover concerns.
  2. Full photographic survey. Dr Oliver acquires and catalogues a series of high-quality digital photos before, during and after every aesthetic case.
  3. Aesthetic evaluation. Digital photographs and plaster study models are carefully assessed and measured to determine ideal proportions, shades and textures
  4. Aesthetic prototype. A wax model of ideal tooth dimensions and configurations is individually crafted by Dr Oliver’s laboratory and this is then transferred to your mouth.

Naturally, these techniques are used only as guides, but are invaluable aids in allowing you to decide on the smile design treatment that is right for you, and eliminate any apprehension you may have about the final result. Once you have decided on the desired outcome, we can develop a personalised plan outlining details on the scope and cost of treatment to create the smile you’ve always wanted.

Once active treatment is commenced, detailed shade, texture and form analysis is undertaken to accurately and intimately reproduce natural aesthetics. Dr Oliver utilises specialised high magnification camera equipment and filters, sophisticated colour calibration software techniques and intimate collaboration with his dental ceramists to create beautiful teeth and stunning smiles.

Smile Design and Smile Makeover Cost

Smile Makeover costs are detailed during your initial consultation with Dr Oliver. The smile design process is taken into consideration with Dr Joe Oliver’s overall treatment plan and costs as this is the critical component that forms the treatment plan and each smile is customised based on the detailed examination and understanding of your aesthetic smile makeover preferences. All costs will be presented to you along with a timeline by Dr Oliver with your treatment plan during your Initial Consultation.

To book an initial consultation with Dr Joe Oliver for a smile makeover or smile design treatment plan, please call the clinic on 020 4579 1354  or feel free to email your enquiry to