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What's the procedure for getting a dental veneer?

Getting a porcelain veneer is usually a multi-step process, however, this is dependent on the type of veneer you choose to have fitted.

A composite bonding/ composite veneer procedure often only requires one appointment, where we bond filling material to your teeth.

However composite bonding/ composite veneers are not as long-lasting and likely will stain which a porcelain veneer won’t.

Generally, the porcelain veneer procedure follows four steps.

  1. Consultation with the practice you have chosen to have your treatment with. During your consultation, your dentist will listen to your complaints, concerns and goals in regards to your teeth and your desired new smile.
  2. Step two, we create a 3D model of your new smile. We will take X-rays and impressions of your teeth if we need more information on the health of your teeth.
  3. Step three involves preparing the tooth for the veneer, where we will remove a small amount of the tooth structure, create an impression, then fit you with a temporary veneer or veneers.
  4. During stage four, the temporaries are removed, and the final veneers are bonded to your tooth. 

Further Explained: The 4 Steps to Your Perfect Smile

Stage One: Smile Design

  1. During your initial consultation, you will have the chance to discuss your current concerns with your teeth and fully explain how you would like your smile to look. With this information, Dr Oliver will be able to personalise the procedure to accurately meet your needs.
  2. He will take a photograph of your existing teeth and X-Rays if necessary, to get a better understanding of your teeth and the health of your mouth.
  3. Finally, using his clinical expertise, many years of experience and the latest imaging equipment, we design a simulation of your new tailor-made smile so you get to see how the final results will look.

Stage Two: Smile Model

  1. During stage two, your digital smile design will be transformed into a smile model to give you a detailed, 3-dimensional simulation of your new smile.
  2. You can study this from all angles to ensure that every detail is correct, giving you the opportunity to raise any concerns before we proceed with the treatment.
  3. Only when you are totally happy with the design do we proceed to the next stage.

Stage Three: Smile Prototypes

  1. For this stage, patients are administered with a local anaesthetic, and we will carefully and precisely sculpt your teeth to the required design. We will then fit the prototype (temporary) veneers to your teeth. These are an exact replica of the smile model.
  2. This ‘temporary smile’ allows you to test drive your smile before the final veneers are made. This means you can see the smile in your mouth and ask the opinion of friends and family.
  3. You can still make any minor adjustments, e.g. changes to the length, shape or sizer of each individual tooth.
  4. When you are happy with the temporaries, their design is then transformed to the actual creation of your final smile!

Stage Four: Your Perfect Smile

  1. Once the temporary design has been approved and duplicated - your perfect smile is ready!
  2. The final porcelain restorations will be more natural-looking than the prototypes as they are made from the latest high-quality porcelain, and will have been hand-sculpted by our exclusive master craftsmen technicians in Italy, to ensure your smile is perfect but natural at the same time.
  3. Once this final step is over - you can now go out and show off your beautiful new smile!

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